Convo and Chill - Game Bag Pouch

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For most social circles, game nights have a tendency to move from one location to the next. Given this, being able to safely transport your card games to a new location is essential. After all, no one likes playing party games with bent cards! Fortunately, our Game Bag Pouch makes it easy for you to safely transport up to four decks of Convo and Chill.

This convenient travel bag is made to keep your Convo and Chill decks safe and close at hand. You can use it to carry your four favorite decks—or buy a second bag to carry even more! With these bags, travel is easy, and they don’t just support your Convo and Chill decks. You can use this bag to carry your car keys, cell phone, and other popular items that you might want to have on hand.

There are plenty of different situations where you might need a good travel bag for your cards. Keeping your drive interesting on a road trip or just making sure that you have something fun to play with in the hotel is a lot easier when you have a convenient pouch to carry all of your favorites in one place. 

Instead of spending time digging through your bag to find your favorite cards, you can use this pouch to keep your materials front and center. This means you can play when you want to play with absolutely no hassle. If you like to play games on the go, this is the pouch for you!