Convo and Chill Collection - Boo'd Up

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Building deep relationships requires you to dive right in with deep conversations—and Convo and Chill has two sets aimed at couples that are designed to do exactly that. You can spend quality time with someone special while you explore your love and work your way towards a stronger relationship.

With our Boo’d Up set, you can get all the perks of relationship counseling and marriage counseling in a fun and casual setting. By answering interesting and engaging questions, you can learn more about your partner and explore what their definition of a fun relationship is.

From romantic conversations to sexual conversations, the Boo’d Up set was made to get you and your partner talking. Perfect for casual dating and marriages alike, Boo’d Up brings the best of Convo and Chill’s romantic questions together in one simple place.

The Boo’d Up collection comes with the Couples Edition, as well as the After Dark Edition of Convo and Chill—and a convenient traveling case that can hold both decks. You and your partner can talk through valuable insights, like intimacy, and explore long-term relationship discussions that every couple should have. As you spend time talking through some of these thought-provoking topics, you will learn more about your partner than ever before.

This romance-obsessed set is perfect for exploring your relationships in more depth—and can even act as mental foreplay. You will absolutely want to take this full set to your next date night. Who knows what spicy secrets you might uncover?