Convo and Chill Collection - Birthday, It's Your Birthday!

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Celebrating another year of life with your family and closest friends? Why not turn your birthday party into the ultimate chance to get to know you on your special day?

This Convo and Chill pack was designed with birthday parties in mind. Working as a perfect way to break the ice, this collection of thought-provoking conversation starters was made to provide a hilarious set of discussions for a birthday party.

Whether you choose to have your own birthday party guests play this game, or you give it to someone as a birthday gift, this set can take any birthday party and instantly upgrade it. These questions give you the perfect opportunity to get social and enjoy a special birthday game night with friends that you will never forget.

To begin, you will want to play the original and expanded versions of Convo and Chill. This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to connect and talk about the unique answers that they have to different questions. During this time, be sure to let the birthday guest of honor answer plenty of questions.

Once you get a gauge for how the guest of honor will answer questions, it is time to turn to Guess My Preference. Laugh along as everyone tries to prove that they know the birthday person best!

The Birthday, It’s Your Birthday Set Includes:

  • Convo And Chill Original Edition
  • Convo And Chill Expansion Pack
  • Guess My Preference
  • Convo And Chill Game Bag
  • Convo And Chill Side Bag